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Investment Team 1

Sang Kyu leads investments in Semiconductor Equipment, Software and Materials in SVIC HQ.
He brings 17 years of Engineering and Technology Planning Experience to his role.
He initially joined Samsung Electronics in 2004 as an Engineer, where he developed Inspection Equipments using Optics including SEM for Semiconductor & FPD and was responsible for Strategic Collaboration with KLA-Tencor, AMAT, Wonik IPS, etc. at Equipment & Material Strategy Group in Semiconductor R&D Center

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Sung Sik conducts SVIC's investments in Manufacturing Process technology, including Semiconductor, Display and Battery.
He brings 15 years of operational and investment experience to his role. He initially joined Samsung Electronics’s Mobile Business in 2004 as an Engineer and Marketer and spent some time in Management Consulting and Business Development role in various companies.

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Based in Seoul HQ, David oversees investments in high-tech investments around the globe.
With 20+ investments in startups and fund of funds, focus areas include data analytics, enterprise on-prem/cloud solutions, deep neural network processors and high performance computing.
Prior to joining Samsung Ventures in 2014, he has worked at Morgan Stanley (NY & Hong Kong) and RBS (Singapore) on the macro proprietary trading desk since 2007. He founded essayvision.com, the leading ecommerce editing marketplace as of 2008.
He is Proficient in Chinese and Spanish and rightly enjoys general Tso chicken and grill stuffed burritos.
David received is B.Sc in Finance and Economics from The Wharton School.

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Jonghee is a senior investment manager at SVIC, focused on investments in Semiconductor, Processor, System SW, EDA tool and AI.
Prior to joining SVIC, he worked at S.LSI of Samsung Electronics, developed Exynos SoC, optimizing compiler, and SDK for NPU.
He received his Ph.D. and Masters in Electrical Engineering from the Seoul National University, and bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from KAIST.

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Investment Team 2

Heonbae leads Samsung Venture’s investment in Mobile, TV, Digital Appliance and Advanced materials.
He is working with SEC (IM, VD, DA and SAIT etc.) and S1 (Security company). He joined Samsung Venture team in 2015 and has covered widely from Software/Service to Advanced materials/Battery/Sensors.Prior to SVIC, he was manager of Samsung SDI, Cheil industries and OCI, responsible for M&A and New business related with advanced materials. He started his career at Samsung Electronics as an equipment procurement manager working on LCD Gen 7 and Gen 8 size.
Heonbae holds an MBA from the Seoul National University, and a B.S in material science engineering from Korea University. He is the candidate of accounting Ph.D from Catholic University in Korea.

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Joon Hyeob Lee is a Senior Investment Manager at Samsung Venture Investment Corporation.
He joined SVIC in 2017 and focuses on AI, mobile, digital media & content, enterprise solution, and cloud companies.
Prior to SVIC, Joon worked as a corporate strategist at Doosan Corporation. Before Doosan, he worked as a new business development manager and a product manager focused on telecommunications solution and enterprise software at Samsung SDS.
Joon holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and a B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering from KAIST.

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With his academic and professional background in computer science, Seunghwan focuses on software sector across many verticals including AI, natural language technologies, data analytics, and enterprise software.
Seunghwan has started his career at Samsung Electronics as a software engineer developing Samsung’s own mobile platform including SHP(Samsung Handset Platform), bada and Tizen.
He also served as a product manager for Bixby, an intelligent voice assistant service, developing multiple features and services in Bixby and its product strategy and service roadmap.
Seunghwan holds a Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, jointly conferred by Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science and College of Fine Arts

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Jeongjin Song
Jeongjin is an investment manager at Samsung Ventures, focused on investments in AI, games and entertainment companies.
Prior to joining Samsung Ventures, Jeongjin worked at Samsung Electronics, developed intelligence platforms running on hundreds millions of Samsung's mobile phones.
Jeongjin studied computer science at Hanyang University

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Yewon An is an associate at HQ of Samsung Ventures.
She joined Samsung Ventures at August in 2017, prior to SVIC, she worked at KB Securities (prev. Hyundai Securities) in charge of Automobiles, Bio/Pharma, and Retail sector. Basically she is interested in areas related to Samsung such as mobile, service, ad-tech and AI, etc.

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Jongwook Kim is a senior investment manager in Investmemt Team 2.
Prior to Samsung Ventures, he worked at Samsung Electronics as a marketing manager, responsible for launching strategy and product portfolio of mobile phone in China market. Initially, he joined Samsung Electronics in 2009 as a mechanical engineer, where he designed various automated production lines for components such as mobile phone camera. Jongwook holds MBA from China Europe International Business School(CEIBS). Also, he received M.S. and B.S. in mechanical engineering from Yonsei University.

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Investment Team 3

Nathan Han leads SVIC’s investments in Display related technologies.
He brings over fifteen of operational and investment experience to his role. He initially joined Samsung Venture investment team3 in 2014, the group responsible for Startup investment and acquisitions as corporate venture Capital.
Prior to SVIC, Nathan was an engineer for 13 years at Samsung Electronics. Earlier in his career, he worked on process development and failure analyst for quality and productivity of TFT-LCD / OLED products. He has more than 10 Display technology patents in US. He started his career at technical planning team of Samsung Display as a senior manager working on Company Alliance of Display Technologies.
Nathan holds an M.S. in Display engineering, and a B.S. in Electronic engineering.

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Stepahn (Younghwan) Kim leads SVIC investments in Battery technologies and Materials for EV and Clean Energy.
He brings over a decade of operational and investment experience to his fields. He just joined SVIC investment Team3, responsible for investment as Samsung corporate venture capital. Prior to SVIC, Stephan was an Engineer and the manager of product planning for 12 years at Samsung SDI.
Earlier in his career, he developed the New materials for LIB and designed the Advanced LIB Cells and later, he planned the New product and managed the technical strategy of Battery Business Unit.

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He initially joined Samsung Venture investment team3 in 2017, the group responsible for Start-up investment and acquisitions as corporate venture Capital.
Prior to SVIC, JS was an engineer for 6 years at Samsung Display. In his career, he worked on OLED Material development for Galaxy, I-Phone series. He experience synthesize, EV Processing and Management OLED Material company.
JS Hwang holds an M.S. in Organic Chemistry (especially in OLED), and a B.S. in Chemistry.
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Jaemin Lee is a Senior Investment Manager at Samsung Venture Investment and focuses on sectors of biotech and pharmaceutical industries.
Prior to joining Samsung Venture Investment, Jaemin was Principal Scientist of Drug Product Team for Samsung Bioepis. In that role, he led a formulation development of antibodies, Fc-fusion proteins, and antibody fragments. Also, he involved task force units for Cell & Gene therapies and bio-better products. Prior to Samsung Bioepis, he managed formulation development and manufacturing process of biologics in GC Pharma. Before GC Pharma, he worked at Hanmi Pharmaceuticals, developing analytical methods and writing CMC section of CTD dossier. Jaemin earned M.S. degree in Molecular and Life Sciences at POSTECH and B.S degree in Life and Genetic Engineering from Korea University.
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Investment Team 4

Yongsung Jun is senior investment director
Mr Jun is building up new investment themes related to Samsung's financial affiliates such as InsurTech, Healthcare, and Payment etc. Prior to SVIC he was head of PE Team in Samsung Asset Management and successfully made Korea's first fund of PE funds for Korean institutional investors. He also had managed more than $1bn of PE portfolio of Samsung Life since 2011, yielding 12% IRR. He worked as a investment manager and credit analyst covering private equity, US credit, corporate lending at Samsung Life, both in Seoul and New York. Prior to that, he worked as an insurance sector analyst at Tongyang Securities.
Mr. Jun graduated with a MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management in 2005 and a BA in Business Administration from Yonsei University.

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JeongWoon Cho, he is a senior investment director in Hybrid Investment Team from 2017 in Seoul, H.Q.
He has Joined Samsung Venture Investment Corp. in 2010 and played a key role especially for strategic CVC Funds for OLED display, electronic parts etc.
He currently invested over 15 companies in electronic materials, parts/module, Equipment, Voice Recognition/Authentication, diagnosis solution for animal, etc.
Prior to join Samsung Venture Investment Corp., he worked for Samsung Electronics with MBB certification of 6 Sigma, an effective methodology of management innovation, and lots of projects in global factories of Samsung Electronics. Also, he contributed not only at Procurement strategy team in AV business unit but Corporate Management Innovation Team.
He formerly worked at Samsung Motors as a member of purchasing team in 1996. He is one of insightful expert through hands-on experiences with best understanding on cross-industries business over 20years.

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YoungSoo Chung is an Senior Investment Director in Hybrid Investment Team in Seoul, H.Q. and he focuses on investment in System Software, cognitive/recognition technology, intuitive communication technology between human & things.
He has Joined Samsung Venture Investment Corp. in 2015 and took a role for managing accelerator program and Hybrid Fund.
Prior to joining SVIC, he worked at Samsung Electronics, 9 years for network and HMI software developing at Software Research Center, 8 years for technology sensing, strategic technology investment planning at Corporate Venture Team in HQ CTO, and 5 years for project coordinator role in GSG(global strategic Group) conducting corporate level consulting project.

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Hyejin is a senior investment manager in Hybrid Investment Team, based in Seoul, Korea.
Hyejin's focus areas include breakthrough technologies in fintech, data science and digital healthcare, stage agnostic around the globe.
Prior to joining Samsung Ventures, Hyejin worked with Samsung Electronics(Mobile) leading Samsung Galaxy's global partnerships with Disney, Montblanc, etc. She started her career as a management consultant at Monitor Group, working with leading companies in private investment, consumer electronics, and pharmaceutical sectors.
Hyejin holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and a BA from Yonsei University.

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Eric Kim, is a senior investment manager at SVIC, leading investments that are related to the Samsung Financial Affiliates regarding Insurance, Payments, IoT, O2O etc.
He initially started his career at Sony as a Engineer and spent some time as a Marketer at Samsung Electronics.
Prior to joining Samsung Ventures, Eric worked in the Strategy team of Samsung Display from 2012. His main responsibility was business planning including market research, foreign cooperation and investment management and was involved in projects such as FIC(establishing and expanding the LCD Fab in China), Relocating the Module Factory to Vietnam etc.

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Kyu Min is an Assistant manager at Samsung Ventures Hybrid team focusing on investments in AI, Cyber Security, Fintech, Fusion Sensors, and platforms.
Prior to joining Samsung Ventures, Kyu min was a research assistant at Franklin Templeton assisting fund managers covering finance, bank, insurance, IT, and Semiconductors. Kyu Min was a technical marketer at Wonik Cube, where he managed and developed chemical products mostly to conglomerates. As a Venture Capitalist, he has backed several Industry-first breakthroughs in Blockchain, Food Tech, Clean energy, and Nano materials.
He was a director of a start up in Robotics company managing projects across people operations, finance, marketing, and corporate development.
Kyu min graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, where he was a president and founder of Purdue Undergraduate Business Club, having 50 members from different majors per quarter. He took executive program in Seoul National University and wrote business thesis regarding biomarker detection. He was an assistant instructor at Republic of Korea Air Force

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Sang Chul is a senior investment manager in Investment Team 4.
Before joining Samsung Venture Investment, he worked as an equity portfolio manager at Mirae Asset Global Investments and Samsung Asset Management. He managed public offering growth funds and variable insurance funds for BNP Paribas Cardif, Nomura and Nippon Insurance. Also, he conducted fundamental research of large/mid-cap Asian growth stocks in IT, industrial, healthcare sectors. Furthermore, he analyzed private market to actively participate in Initial Public Offering (IPO) by communicating with major investment banking.
He holds MBA from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and MS in Operations Research from Columbia University. Also, he earned his BA in Economics and BS in Electrical Engineering at Yonsei University

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Investment Planning Team

Jinwon Jun is Investment Director at Samsung Venture Headquarter.
He Joined Samsung Venture Headquarter in 2012. His main focus is IT, Semiconductor, AI/Machine learning, and Automotive.
He is also interested in emerging market in SEA.
Prior to joining Samsung Venture, Jinwon worked at S.LSI Business unit of Samsung Electronics, where provides Mobile application processor, Camera Image sensor, Power management IC and also provide Foundry service. He started his career as Process Engineer at 2000. He took a role in venture investment, M&A at strategic alliance team.

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Chulhan Lee is a Investment Director at Samsung Ventures and focuses on sectors of Mobile, TV, Digital Appliance, Advanced materials and Digital Healthcare Solution.
He joined Samsung in 2003 as technology planning staff of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and then joined Samsung Ventures in 2015. After joining Samsung Ventures, he has covered a wide spectrum of industry sectors from IT to Bio and Heavy Industry.
Chulhan has an MBA from Vanderbilt University as Samsung Sponsorship program and BS in Electronics Engineering from Korea University.

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Myungseok Choi is a senior investment manager in Investment Planning Team, based in Seoul, Korea.
He joined Samsung Venture Investment in 2017 and took a role in operating early-stage investment programs, notably C-Lab spinoff. He interested in a variety of ways to help startups, for example, ecosystem, accelerating/incubating, seed to early-stage investment. From the investment domain perspective, he has focused on Proptech-related services. Prior to his current position, he was a finance manager at M-Venture investment and a researcher focusing on construction IT at Lotte E&C.

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