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  • Cultivate new growth engine To reinforce the system for cultivation of new growth growth engine and successful implementation.
  • Reinforce investment network To secure the global network to acquire superior quality information sought by investors.
  • Provide total solution To lay the ground for successful investment.

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라인 대표이사 투자본부 경영지원 준법감시 투자1팀 투자2팀 투자3팀 투자4팀 투자5팀 투자6팀 SVA SVI SVC SVJ SVE SVIB SVIS
대표이사,투자본부(투자1팀,투자2팀,투자3팀,투자4팀,투자5팀,투자6팀,SVA,SVI,SVC,SVJ,SVE,SVIB,SVIS), 경영지원팀, 준법감시

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